Efferent Coupling Metric

Calculates the Efferent Coupling for a package. This is a count of the number of other packages that the classes in a package depend upon, and is an indicator of the package's independence ([1]). This is a package-level metric.

Implemented by the org.gmetrics.metric.coupling.EfferentCouplingMetric class.

Metric Properties

The following properties can be configured for this metric within a MetricSet. See Creating a MetricSet for information on the syntax of setting a metric property.

PropertyDescriptionDefault Value
enabledThis boolean property controls whether the metric is enabled. If set to false, then the metric is not included as part of the results or the output reports.true
functionsThis List<String> property contains the names of the functions to be calculated at the package level. and (potentially) included within the report(s). Valid values are: 
  - "value" - the value for the current package 
  - "total" - the total value for the current package and its descendant packages 
  - "average" - the average value for the current package and its descendant packages 
  - "referencedPackages" - the list of referenced packages
ignorePackageNamesThe names of packages to ignore when calculating efferent coupling. This pattern string may contain wildcard characters ('*' or '?'); it may also contain more than one pattern, separated by commas.null