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The GMetrics project provides calculation and reporting of size and complexity metrics for Groovy source code. GMetrics scans Groovy source code, applying a set of metrics, and generates an HTML or XML report of the results.

You can run GMetrics using the supplied Ant Task.

Total and average values for the following metrics are provided:

See the site navigation menu for a list of the metrics and reports provided out of the box by GMetrics.

Take a look at a Sample GMetrics Report.


The GMetrics project requires:

  • Groovy version 1.7 or later
  • Java 1.5 or later
  • The Log4J jar, version 1.2.13 or later, accessible on the classpath.

Getting GMetrics from the Maven2 Central Repository

For projects built using Maven, GMetrics is now available from the Maven Central Repository.

  • groupId = org.gmetrics
  • artifactId = GMetrics